Laurance Bogar

Guest Speaker

Laurance Bogar is a behavioral specialist at Cedar Hill ISD with a focus on not only children but parents, employees, and educators. She also serves as the 1st Lady and Executive Pastor at the Life Vision church where she faithfully serves alongside her husband Pastor Joel Bogar and three beautiful children Grant, Carson & Avery.

Laurance is the CEO and Founder of the organization C.A.R., Challenges Are Rewarding. C.A.R.’s was designed to help organizations, educational systems, teachers, students, and households create an atmosphere conducive towards understanding and embracing challenging behaviors. Most of the time, challenging behavior is learned and brings rewards; therefore, it is possible to teach people new behaviors which are more appropriate and effective in meeting the person’s true purpose. Therefore, C.A.R. is a vehicle toward changing behavior with rewarding results! Learn more about this initiative at