Patricia Bailey

Texarkana Speaker

She Ages Well©, a community outreach initiative, She Ages Well® personal care products and Advance Comfort® are the compassionate creations of Patricia Bailey, whose love of her mother and craving to find some comfort for her led to their founding. With the love that only a daughter has for her mother, Pat, who agonized over how to age well and provide Advance Comfort® believes, “If We Are Accountable To Each Other; For Persons Spanning; From the Cradle to Grace, “The Same Village It Took to Raise The Child Is Going To Be Required to Care For The Adult As They Age.”

Ms. Bailey’s ascension to this loving soothing business endeavors caps a 39- year career in the health and beauty care industry serving as a sales and marketing consulting along with serving in senior level capacities as Vice President of Customer Marketing (Sales) and Vice President of Marketing where she has managed over 16 different personal care brand portfolios, developed strategic plans for ministries and helped craft diversity/inclusion programs for retailers. Her clients have included small businesses along with the Fortune 100 (ORS, McDonald’s, Walgreens, The Potter’s House of Dallas, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Murrays Worldwide and Proline Int’l.)

“God’s places in all of us a purpose and a plan. In using the tools mastered to help create and manage hair care brands, now I get to help our families age well in dignity together. With my family’s help, I found comfort in helping my Mom move through the aging process with loving support from caregivers. If I could help build brands for corporations, why not for all Mothers and caregivers across the world.”

Residing in Arlington, Texas, Pat is a mother of one son and known as Gigi to her granddaughter. Outside of her work with ministries, Pat also loves studying Biblical history, playing golf, old school music, and reading books. For more caregiving tips or caregiving products visit